How has the coronavirus affected you?

By | March 31, 2020

How has the coronavirus affected you?

Precautions which You should take to talk others – Due to Coronavirus

  • Wear a Face mask .. (If Not available in your city then cover your face with handkerchief)
  • Do wash your hands frequently or you can use hand sanitizer.
  • keep social distancing to others
  • And last Don’t go out of your home with no reason stay at your home and try to learn new skills .
  • Don’t touch your face , eyes .

Being a middle class family we are having too much trouble in getting groceries , vegetable , and other daily needs …..

How has the coronavirus affected you?

when i saw news that all groceries and daily needs shops are opening in morning at 7 to 9 am …. so in this there is too rush on all shops like above image on groceries and vegitables , etc . so i know there is panic situation but peoples should underatan that they have to be patience for daliy need . I can understand that situation .

How has the coronavirus affected you?

On third day when my activa is out of petrol i go to near by petrol pump but there is too much crowd for petrol then after waiting atleast 30 min in line the petrol pump closed without giving petrol to me and other people in line they closed because of police told them to close because of crown .

on fourth day , I was standing in the balcony when I saw our neighbour’s carrying huge vegetables bag had bought food stuff, handwashes, detergents etc in bulk.

I understand there is a panic situation everywhere though 3 case has been reported near our colony .
But still buying things in bulk, leaving nothing for others is not a humanly act.
So buy what is required and leave stuff for others too.

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Do you think Lockdown will be open after April 15?

I don’t think that Lockdown will be opened after 15 April because of the following reasons:-

  • Because No. of Cases are increasing day by day …
  • when i get my id of medical help for covid -19 its validity till 30 April means it will extend ..
  • If Government will declare direct lock down of 1 or 2 month then public is in panic that’s why i thought government will extend lockdown buy 15- 15 days …
  • .Thirdly, there’s still no vaccine or fix treatment of Coronavirus. It is still getting rapid.
  • So, Even if we control cases, India can’t allow people to go out and spread again. Till it vanishes completely,
  • China controlled it but it took 2 months of lockdown , China which is so advanced and developed country when China was working only on Coronavirus.
  • So, India can’t do it in 20 days when our health infrastructure is bit poor and government have to think about poverty and daily wage workers also to supply food and all.

Stay safe. Stay home.

Happy Quarantine

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